Grow your email list with this killer workflow

  You want to grow your email list right?  You’ve got a sign up form on your website. You advertise to your fans of Facebook that they should sign up.  But what about all those people that you meeting in person?  At a network event, at a friends BBQ, or some other place you meet people?  If you’ve never thought about using those contacts to grow your email list then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Maybe you have, but it’s just too time consuming entering all those business cards into all the different system you use. You’ve entered them into your phone, your CRM. If they are a potential client then you’ll need to add them to Xero so you can send them a quote or an invoice. The list really does go on. And this becomes a time consuming jobs, keeping up with all the data entry. But there is a smarter way to work. You can setup a workflow that allows you to enter the details once in one system and have it transfer those details into multiple other systems. This kind of workflow allows you not only to grow your email list, but also make sure that your contact details are in the right systems when you need them to be.

This workflow can be applied to any action app (your CRM, Xero, etc.), but today we are going to grow your email list and set it up with our email marketing software – Active Campaign. So that you never miss an opportunity to market to those potential clients again!


Here’s how to grow your email list with our workflow

Step #1 Choose Your Trigger App: Full Contact

Full Contact is a great app for your smart phone that allows you to snap a business card and have someone transcribe the details for you. It then adds those details to your phone and also your Google Contacts. I’ve opted for this service rather than OCR scanning technology, because it takes the hassle out of checking the details, fixing up mistakes the scanner made, etc. You can also opt for a different card read including WorldCard for IOS, or Camcard.


Step #2 Choose Your Action App: Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a powerful email marketing tool to grow your email list. It allows you to create very sophisticated automated & personalised  marketing messages. If you’re using Mailchimp at the moment and you are wondering how to fully take advantage of your email marketing funnel, then have a chat with us and we can migrate you over.

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Step 3: Configure your trigger details

You can have Zapier only run the workflow if certain conditions are met. This could be based on a field or a tag.


Step 4: Configure your action

Choose the list that you want to add them to and match the appropriate FullContact fields to Active Campaign Fields. Once you’re done with that you can test & save your Zap.




Please (pretty please… I’m begging you) don’t go adding every single person you meet to your mailing list. When you snap the business card in FullContact you can choose which zapier triggers to run. Only select this one if the person has expressed an interest in being on your list.  Truth be told, the Spam Act does support that by someone giving you a business card they have given you their express consent (but only if the recipient has been made aware they may receive commercial messages).  Still, people don’t take kindly to receiving 50 email newsletters after a business networking event!  Be smart & thoughtful.  At the end of the day your email marketing should be as targeted as your Adwords or Facebook marketing campaigns – so you want to make sure you get your audience right!


And that’s how you grow your email list and market to the people you meet. Now there’s nothing left to do except… go have a coffee 🙂
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To help you along on your journey to automate in 2015 we’ll be posting links to our own workflows both here on the blog and on our social media channels. You can join the conversation by following us or using the hashtag #automatein2015

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